• Giving Flight

    to Dreams

  • We work to help provide

    access to better educational

    opportunities for underprivileged children

  • We help strengthen

    communities by supporting

    athletic, artistic and cultural
    development programs

  • We open doors to a world

    of opportunities by providing

    21st-century technology

  • We work with local

    initiatives to ensure children

    have access to healthy school
    lunch programs

  • We support programs that

    provide children from lower-income

    families with better access to basic
    medical and dental care


Target Tarso

PC Foundation has chosen as our first school improvement project target Patio Bonito, a two-room primary school in rural Tarso, which will receive new 21st-century teaching tools and facility upgrades. By drawing from the craftsmanship and skills of local community members and through supporting existing educational and school-lunch programs, the project intends to help strengthen the community's sense of ownership of their school, enhancing long-term self-sufficiency and ongoing participation with this important tool for their children's future opportunities.

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Support Salgar

Following a devastating landslide that obliterated much of rural Salgar and displaced more than 250 families, this community in Colombia's northwestern department of Antioquia is struggling to rebuild lives and livelihoods. PC Foundation is soliciting in-kind donations of needed items, which we will have delivered to Salgar. From shoes to toys to household appliances, much is needed and all will be truly appreciated by these families working to re-establish their self-sufficient, industrious lives.

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At a Glance... Education in

Rural Colombia

Rural Colombians lived in horrific circumstances throughout the violent decades of the drug wars, when ongoing strife meant the need to focus on daily survival left pursuit of education merely a dream for some future peaceful day. That day has arrived. Peace has for the most part become reality, and many families are beginning to look to the future with an understanding that education is the door to opportunity. Educating Colombia's children has become a top priority for President Santos and the nation and more government funding is now being channeled to schools. But for the nearly 12 million Colombians living in rural areas progress is very slow, and these children remain significantly underserved.

Governor of Antioquia Luis Pérez Gutiérrez, former rector of the University of Antioquia and secretary of education in the municipality of Sergio Naranjo, has introduced a new educational plan for the department, declaring a goal that Antioquia will be "free of illiteracy by 2019."

Over 99% of Colombian youth are now literate, up from 90% in 1995, but most rural children test well below minimum competency levels across most subjects

Education is compulsory for ages 5 through 14. Nearly 88% of children attend primary school and 75% attend secondary school. In rural areas these numbers are much lower.

95% of children who finish primary school go on to attend secondary school but in rural areas only about 72% of students who started primary school matriculate to grade 6

Colombia's governmental Vive Digital initiative is helping increase rural access to the Internet via satellite connection

Recent Projects

Books for Bright

Julian Wile recently delivered 200 books donated by Julian's Upper Canada College schoolmates in Toronto to excited 1st through 5th graders at the rural Patio Bonito primary school in Tarso. These English-language books will help build a foundation for the students to learn English, one of the most significant keys to unlocking a world of employment and other opportunities to these underserved Colombian children.

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PharmaCielo Foundation

Fundación PharmaCielo (PharmaCielo Foundation) is a non-profit foundation providing financial and in-kind resources in areas that can help advance the overall quality of life of current and future generations of rural Colombian citizens. Whenever possible, PC Foundation supports and partners with existing local initiatives to promote long-term, sustainable self-sufficiency. PC Foundation is especially focused on supporting educational and health initiatives designed to encourage children to become self-sufficient thinkers and positive contributors to society. By working with today's youth to open doors of opportunity only accessible by embracing personal responsibility in decision-making and individual actions, they develop the confidence to realize their dreams, creating a stronger, more personally responsible society of tomorrow.

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